Welcome to the English version of my doll-site.

I'm not a native speaker of English and some mistakes might be hiding around the site. If something's bothering you, please tell me and help me improve my site ^.^

I've been doing quite a lot of updating and as a result of that there might be dead links, pictures that can't be shown and maybe also be a few sentences in Danish hiding in the corners. If you find any of this (or have other comments) please write in my GB.



September 7, 2009

I changed the design, so finally the left-over Christmas-look (from 2006?) is gone!

June 8, 2006

Made a new doll for a contest. It is the Greek godess Athena. Base from DHF.

June 2, 2006

Oops, totally forgot that I promised (I think?) to put the 1st place awards on the index-page, so here they come:

May 31, 2006

New design ^^ And more participants in my friday-contest and a new banner (the banner was made before the design):

May 24, 2006

Sorry for all the missing updates. I've been quite busy with school, and I decided to concentrate on keeping my Danish site as updated as possible, as I've got quite a few more visitors there.

The pages that has now been updates are: Dolls, Bases, Props, Pixel-art, Awards and Contests.

My latest doll:

base: autumnpixels, *Not Adoptable*

November 7, 2005

Made some changes in the menu and added a site with resources, and some pixel-stuff:

<--- my avatars for MS (not for adoption).

I started on this piece of pixel art more than a year ago and took it up again the day befre yesterday. It is based on several pictures from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. I think it look quite well like Captain Jack Sparrow (he's soooo cool!), but I'm not too satisfied with him - somehow he just doesn't work... Won a 2nd place award for him in a contest (must be the quickest contest ever) held by Trinus.

Watched Moulin Rouge after I finished the Jack Sparrow, and I thought the Green Absinthe Fairy (played by Kylie Minouge) was awesome! So I dolled a green fairy while watching the rest of the movie ^.^ Base: Historical Dolls

November 3, 2005 (evening)

The Power of Thyme (yeup, that's my site!) is now offering CONTESTS! I've been running contests on my Danish site for about a year - I've simply been too lazy to put entries and stuff up on two different pages, but now the php has relieved me of that problem ^.^

From now on my contests will be found here as well as on the Danish site.

Contests right now: Striped socks and Angel.

Oh yeah, almost forgot: removed the doll-makers, because they weren't working anyway. They might return some time.

November 3, 2005 (early morning)

New design! Sooo nice and easy to change it now - I just LOVE php! ^.^

Got 1 new award (way below standard, I know!) and a lot of Halloween-gifts! Thanks girls!

October 23, 2005

Two new dolls, both for contests. Bases from Candycloud and Historical Dolls. Last doll is Ragnfrids character Katarina.

And two little gifts for Charlie, both her character Charlie, one of them after visiting the chocolate-factory.


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